Syafiq Azrin
I'm ain't perfect, ain't superman , just accept the way I am ~ Studying is my career
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and The Face...: Day 32 →


Sorry about the fact that this post is all over the place. WIth my multiple personalities, I had to just write down my thoughts down as they came up. Love does some fucked up shit to your head.

  • I guess I should really try to take everyone’s advice. It’s kind of split down the middle, though….
you're beautiful: Anonymous submitted: ~~17, f. My best guy friend has been getting... →


Anonymous submitted:

~~17, f. My best guy friend has been getting really flirty with me lately. I don’t know why. I tell him everything, including all my guy problems. He always jokes around with me, saying we’re a power couple, pretending to hold my hand, being really touchy with me, teasing…

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